Ready Set Bro Official Music Website

(Source: Written by Eric Ruttle Tuesday, Feb 22 2022, 5:21 PM at Cochrane Now)

Three brothers, Tavyn (19), Auslen (17), and Kaplan (14) make up the band Ready, Set Bro. Located just outside of Cochrane, the brothers have been playing together since early childhood and hope to inspire more people to pick up an instrument and play music.

“Our dad has been a musician his whole life. We’ve learned watching him throughout our life and mom’s a trained piano player. She’s taught us piano throughout her life. We’ve been playing drums since we were about six months old.” explains Tavyn.

“We love music. It’s our life.”

Growing up surrounded by music, the trio has been working hard to continue to grow and refine their sound.

“We’re kind of a mix of genres because we like to listen to a lot of things, a lot of different genres. We’re still finding our sound in a way, but we do tend to go to the side of rock and country-rock, and pop-rock.”

“We have a really great connection. It actually helps them we’re brothers. When we play together, it’s like a whole different connection than if you’re playing with some other people that you don’t really know as well. We’ve grown up together so it just gels.”

Three brothers performing in a band together can bring up memories of other family-based bands. The most prevalent comparison is the pop band Hanson, which the boys take as a compliment.

“It’s an honor. They’re an amazing trio and we love being compared to them.”

Check out the video below of Ready, Set, Bro virtually performing one of their original songs ‘Stardust’ and you can keep up with the trio here.