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Growing up in a musical family, brothers Tavyn, Auslen and Kaplan, have been immersed in the music scene since they were very young. At first, they watched from side stage, attending festivals, concerts and recording sessions with their professional musician dad, who charted songs on Canadian radio and was nominated for the Canadian Country Music Awards (CCMA) ‘Rising Star’ and ‘Group or Duo of the Year’, with country rock band Jo Hikk. It wasn’t long until they progressed from air-guitaring alongside their dad and playing around the campfire, to performing on stage!

As toddlers, they rarely watched cartoons. Instead, they were mesmerized by music videos of Neil Peart and Carter Beauford’s brilliant drum solos, Steve Vai and Billy Sheehan’s virtuoso guitar and bass, along with KISS’ iconic performance antics. Traveling the 45-minute car ride to school meant there was plenty of time to drum on the back of the seats while listening to bands like Pink Floyd, Extreme, and Def Leppard. The brothers also loved emulating the vocals of Freddie Mercury, Steve Perry, and Adam Lambert.

The three brothers began their formal music training learning drums, vocals, piano and guitar. They naturally advanced to the instruments they personally connected with the most. Tavyn, 18, is still a drummer at heart but found his true calling playing bass. He also enjoys playing the saxophone. Auslen, 16, is the shredder of the family. He has wowed audiences with his guitar skills since he was 8 years old, winning gold at the 2016 Calgary Performing Arts Festival. Those who have attended the boys’  performances will attest to 13-year-old Kaplan’s vocal prowess. He easily gravitated to the role of lead singer with a strong affinity for guitar and keyboards. Attending an arts immersion school has also developed their joy of performance and their comfort in being in front of a crowd.

Dedicated to their craft, the boys practice long hours, working to attain mastery on their instruments. When writing original material their focus is on strong melodies, 3-part harmonies, meaningful lyrics, and intricate musical passages on their respective instruments. Always willing to explore different genres, they have an appreciation for rock, pop, country, and jazz, settling into a sound that blends their musical influences. Along with music, all three brothers are enthusiastic flag football players and fans of both the CFL and the NFL, with a nod to this passion in their band name, Ready Set Bro. 

In 2013, they collaborated with award-winning LA producer Andrew Lane, alongside their dad and other Calgary musicians in the recording of “Strong”, a tribute song for the victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda.

The boys reconnected with Lane several years later after he watched a Facebook video of their second-place winning performance at the Empowering Minds 5th Annual Live & Unsigned Talent Show. He urged them to pursue the opportunity to work with PCG Universal, one of the world’s foremost artist development companies. Lane introduced the trio to Nashville based PCG Artist Development’s CEO, Bernard Porter, and they joined the coveted program in July of 2020. They are now thrilled to be working with veteran vocal and performance coaches, songwriters and producers. There is no denying that the brothers are on a great trajectory. With their solid foundation of family synergy and the support of these incredible industry professionals, Ready Set Bro is eager to share their music with the world.