Ready Set Bro Official Music Website

CALGARY, Alb. – Teenage brothers Tavyn, Auslen and Kaplan Doell eagerly announce their formation as Ready Set Bro, a pop rock n’ roll band emerging from Calgary, Alberta. Today the trio releases their debut single “Stardust,” a self-reflective song which highlights their distinct inherited musical abilities from their father Al Doell, a member of Canadian country rock band Jo Hikk. The three brothers co-wrote the song with Nashville songwriting effigy Britton Cameron, who also produced the song which all the brothers performed themselves.

“This last year most of us, regardless of our age, spent a lot of time contemplating the meaning of life more than ever, and reevaluating what really matters,” said Tavyn.

Dedicated to their craft, the boys practice long hours, working to attain mastery on their instruments. When writing original material like “Stardust” their focus is on strong melodies, 3-part harmonies, meaningful lyrics, and intricate musical passages on their respective instruments. Always willing to explore different genres, they have an appreciation for rock, pop, country, and jazz, settling into a sound that blends their musical influences. …